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Red Moon Squadron (Истребительная авиация Красная луна) is the Russian Air Force squadron attached to NATO with Task Force 108 in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. The squadron is led by Major Sergei Illich, until he goes missing after reporting a need to return to base due to engine trouble while Red Moon 2 takes over the team.



  • The Russian name for the squadron was "Pед Mун" in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. This was changed in Ace Combat Infinity to "Красная луна". The full Russian literally translates to "Fighter Air Force - Red Moon".
  • Red Moon 4 will be killed as shown in "Inferno" via radio, unless if the player saves him from the MiG-21-Bis on his six after he yells out "I'm hit!" in Russian.
  • The term "red moon" refers to the reddish light reflected on the Moon during a lunar eclipse.
  • Red Moon 1 and Red Moon 4 are the only members of the squadron to have their names displayed during gameplay.