"They don't need our help. We just don't get counted in their casualty reports."
Milosz Sulejmani

Red and Black - Alpha is the third campaign mission in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. Tokyo is being attacked again, and the Japan Self-Defense Forces have requested Martinez Security for further assistance.

In multiplayer, this mission can be played simultaneously with Red and Black - Bravo. In single-player, the player can only choose Alpha or Bravo before moving on to Capital Defense.


Burford: The "Valahia" are attacking Tokyo again, approaching from both the north and south. We will engage in the south, in the Niijima area of the Izu Islands, fighting alongside the SDF. Regardless of our own efforts, we will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers without the SDF forces. The state of the SDF troops will be sent to your MPG. Pay attention to it at all times and keep them safe. We have to stop the Valahia from invading Tokyo. Go get 'em.



Right at the beginning, the JASDF fighters are already engaged with Valahian AJS-37s and F-4Es, however the TGT marked ones cannot be harmed yet until Burford finished explaining about keeping the MPG from reaching zero. The northern JASDF group are under attack by three AJS-37s, dispatch them quickly before JASDF casualty mounts up as the S-Rank condition only allows one downed JASDF plane (90% MPG) throughout the initial phase.

Mission Update 1[]

The player starts from the north in the second phase, with three AJS-37s moving to engage the player from the south. Shoot them all down, and another wave consists of four AJS-37s will appear close by. Destroy all of them to finish the mission.


The S-Rank is achieved if the JASDF survives the initial phase with 90% or higher health remaining.

Named Aces[]

  • F-16C Osaka - appears in the southern half of the map after the mission update.


Burford: We've succeeded in eliminating enemy forces from the Niijima territory. But hostiles have made it through the Boso region and several northern routes. Tokyo going going to be a battlefield again. We need to keep casualties to a minimum. Head for Tokyo immediately.