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Previous life

Rena was born with Silverstone Disease (the pigment offers no protection from sunlight), thus she is forced to wear a special spacesuit-looking suit to protect her from direct sunlight. Rena joined General Resource Ltd. in an early age of 9 for her extraordinary ability in flying aircraft. She was involved in the development of the Night Raven. In 2037, she was transferred to UPEO. She is a pilot for SARF, which formed in 2040, along with three other pilots. She always flew her blue Su-37R during her flight with SARF.

Her first mission in the corporate war was to stop Neucom transports over Expo City along with other SARF members. From then on, she flew on various missions for SARF. Until the decide of Megafloat and Mt. Lambert.

Corporate War of 2045

There are five possible 'fates' for Rena Hirose from the Corporate War. Except for the SARF path, the rest of the endings lead to her death.

In the other endings, in she (and her X-49 Night Raven) were destroyed inside the Geofront, two above Port Edwards (both night and day), and on one mission she sunk to the bottom of the Erusian ocean.

When the player decides on the SARF Path, Rena and her companions flew for various missions. She flew on a mission inside Hatties Ravine and above Expo City, canceling the General Resources' attack on the city where she found out that her enemy is no other than Abyssal Dision. Then she came as reinforcement above Mt. Lambert just to tell the other pilots that the transport and its occupants on board they have been escorting is defecting toNeucom. She gave the pilotNemo order to shoot the transport along with Fiona at the helm. Various missions flown by this ace until mission 'Bug Hunt' where she has hit with an ANB by Nemo, because she was contaminated by nanobytes. She went to the Ouroboros' flying fortress and joined them for a moment before she was shot down above Erusian Ocean. She was later rescued by Erich and Nemo from her wrecked Night Raven.

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