Repel Enemy from Captured Port is the 11th mission of Air Combat.

Enemy forces have mobilized to retake the harbor area of Nouikott Bay, which they had previously lost to loyalist forces. To accomplish said task, they have dispatched a large formation comprised of heavy and stealth-capable bombers. The player's objective is to intercept the bomber force before they arrive to Nouikott Bay, without letting a single bomber escape.


"The captured port has become a key resupply facility for our forces. We cannot allow the enemy to cripple or recapture it. Current Intel suggests the enemy is preparing a bombing raid utilizing stealth bombers. Even one can devastate the facility. Keep alert! Target: Stealth bomber wing.[1] Good luck!"



  • 2x B-2 - $300,000
  • 1x B-52 - $100,000
  • 1x B-1 - $150,000



  • Money: $12,000,000
  • Unlock: Martin (wingman), R-C01 (if not unlocked at mission #10)


  1. The subtitles say "Enemy bomber force" instead of "Stealth bomber wing".
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