"And now for our triumphant return. No mercy for all who stand in our way."
Emmerian naval officer[1]

The Republic of Emmeria Navy, also referred to as the Emmerian Navy,[2] is the naval branch of the Emmerian military. It was comprised of multiple fleets and boasted a substantial number of ships. The only known major deployment of the Navy was during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[3]


Fleet in Gracemeria AC6

2nd Fleet during the Invasion of Gracemeria

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the Emmerian Navy was forced to abandon Gracemeria alongside other Emmerian forces and retreat west. While on the retreat, the Marigold helped transport stranded Emmerian soldiers to Khesed Island.[4] In late 2015, the Navy's Yellow Jacket helicopter unit assisted in recapturing Khesed Island from the Estovakian Forces.[5]

Throughout 2016, the Emmerian Navy participated in multiple engagements during the Emmerian counterattack–including the operations in the Kijera Oil Fields[6] and to recapture San Loma.[7] The last-known battle the Navy participated in was during Operation Free Gracemeria, where they retook the King's Bay and assisted in recapturing the capital.[1]

Known Emmerian Navy Vessels


2nd Fleet flagship Marigold

Kirov-class Cruiser

Cassard-class Frigate

Ticonderoga-class cruiser

  • Viola



Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier

  • Unnamed carrier


Emmerian Navy Nimitz

An F/A-18F Super Hornet above an unnamed Emmerian Nimitz-class aircraft carrier





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