This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Green Bird.

The Rescue of Pennant Squadron was an operation carried out by the Usean Allied Forces.


The Pennant Squadron was doing a training mission above waters near the Scofield Plateau; however, due to its location near weapons manufacturing plants inland, the local Rebel garrison were alerted and sent a small squadron of fighters to dispatch them.[1]


Scarface Squadron was sent to help rescue the rookie squadron from Rebel fighters just as they were about to be shot down by the latter. Despite their numbers, the Allied Forces took out all the Rebel fighters.[1]

On the way back to Allied territory, one Pennant Phantom was shot down by a mysterious red YF-23 Black Widow II which prompted the Scarface Squadron to attack it before it could cause more casualties. It was noted to have improved flight capabilities compared to the two similarly-colored aircraft from before. Despite this, Phoenix managed to overcome it, resulting in its destruction.[1]


The remaining Pennant Squadron pilots safely returned home after the battle.[1]


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