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Resistance is the seventh campaign mission in Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.


"We eliminated the immediate air threat from
the enemy in the battle over Area Z2K.
Following this encounter,
the enemy has reduced air patrol activity in the region.
Falco squadron has now become one symbol of "Resilient Aurelia" to the Aurelian armed forces.
Extreme resistance in every region,
and the continuing ability to maintain operations of the
besieged capital.
Shadows of doubt are being cast on Leasath's military domination.

On the southwest end of mainland Aurelia lies Port Patterson.
This port has not yet fallen into Leasath hands.
Many armed force units from around Aurelia are now gathering around Port Patterson.
Falco squadron has also been ordered to move from its
Phuku Lagolla home base to participate in operations.
The movement en-masse to Port Patterson is related
to a planned Aurelian naval operation centering
around a fleet of undamaged Aurelian warships.

No one could expect the concentration of force around
Port Patterson to go unnoticed by the enemy.
Reconnaissance indicates the Leasath navy has vessels with
air-support on the move towards Port Patterson,
suggesting their intentions to surround our fleet at
Port Patterson and prevents its operations.
If Port Patterson operations are obstructed, there is
no hope for the future of Aurelia.

Incoming transmission from naval command to Falco squadron.

"Protect our fleet and eliminate the enemy."