For the normal version of this mission, see Retro Combat Evaluation.

Retro Combat Evaluation (HARD) is an Online Co-Op Mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over the city of Tokyo, Japan, where players flying piston aircraft work together to destroy targets.


The AA Aviation Plant has created designs for piston aircraft and has successfully produced them.
They have now requested that we let some of our best pilots take control of them and gather combat data. This data will be used in future research.
The test will take place in Area J4D against union forces acting as enemy units.



C or B Rank

The results were as expected.
You performed well in flying an unfamiliar aircraft. We will pass this data on to the plant.

A Rank

We've managed to provide the researchers with results beyond their expectations.
This is fine data that reflects the skills of our pilots.

S Rank

Your results have far exceeded all expectations, surprising even the researchers.
This vital data will prove to be extremely useful in future research.


  • After Update 15, a function was added that displays the song titles to the start of missions. However, on this mission, "Lying on Deceit" is not displayed.


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