Riass Space Center is a spaceport and rocket-launch facility located in the Comona Islands, southeast of mainland Usea. During the Continental War, the space center became the site of one of the largest aerial battles since the Belkan War.[1]


Riass Space Center supports several rocket-launchpads supported by a network of machining and storage warehouses, in addition to its launch-control centers.[1] The Comona Islands' tropical, equatorial location[2] made it an ideal site for a space center: Earth's rotational momentum could be harnessed to launch shuttles and satellites into orbit.

In the wake of the Ulysses Impact Event in 1999, Earth's orbit was filled with lingering fragments of the asteroid, which restricted space-borne operations for sometime afterward. Following Erusea's capture of Stonehenge in 2003, it is possible that the STN was used to wage space warfare and eliminate ISAF satellites.[3] Additional details regarding Riass's launch operations prior to December 31, 2004 remain unknown.[2]


Continental War

On New Year's Eve of 2004, Riass served as the launch site for a new ISAF reconnaissance satellite. ISAF fighters maintained control of the airspace over the space center, allowing Riass' control personnel to successfully launch the satellite into orbit.[1]


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