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The Ridgeback Squadron, officially the 19th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Ridgebacks"[1] and commonly known by their nickname Single Lines, was an elite UNF fighter squadron from the Infinity universe.


The Ridgebacks were formed in the 21st century by the United Nations following the Ulysses Disaster, with the aim of having elite pilots put a quick end to terrorist threats around the world.[2] The unit, led by a man named Slash, pilots a special variant of the ASF-X Shinden II as its primary aircraft. They became known through mercenary networks such as Arrows Air Defense and Security[3], and were commonly referred to as the "Single Lines" due to the single white stripes running down the back of their aircraft.

In May 2019, the Ridgebacks were tasked to work with the Bone Arrow Squadron to rescue the Greymen from a terrorist cell in Iyuli[3], and later fought with them during Operation Crusher to destroy Stonehenge Type-3 in Turkey.[4] They later assisted Bone Arrow in ending the threat to Tokyo during Operation Override.[5]. They were later merged with Bone Arrow Squadron to form Task Force 118 "Arrowblades".[6]