Rigley Air Base is an Independent State Allied Forces' Air Force base located northeast of Usea.


Rigley Air Base is located in the hilly, rural region of Bulgurdarest, southwest of North Point.[2]


When Erusea began utilizing Stonehenge as an anti-aircraft weapon, the Eruseans forced ISAF to retreat and abandon Rigley's airfield.[2] The Eruseans soon after captured Rigley Air Base and, following the ISAF's evacuation to North Point, deployed a large force of Tu-95 Bear bombers there with the intention of eliminating ISAF.

On September 19, 2004, a detachment of bombers and escort fighters set out from Rigley bound for ISAF's new GHQ. However, ISAF squadrons intercepted the bombers before they could reach their targets.[3]

Approximately two weeks later, on October 5, ISAF fighters executed an air raid on Rigley with the goal of eliminating the remaining Erusean bomber forces stationed there. During the raid, the Eruseans suffered heavy air and ground casualties, including all of the Tu-95s as well as the air defense fighters.[1] As the war progressed, ISAF eventually reclaimed their lost territories including the base.[4]