"Shoot down the enemies while taking rings. Don't let the enemy take them back."
AWACS Heavy Cloud
Ring Battle Loading Screen

Ring Battle (sometimes referred to as Ring Team Deathmatch, Ring TDM, or RTDM) is a player-versus-player gameplay mode in Ace Combat Infinity. It is a subset of Team Deathmatch, and is typically only available during specific Ranking Tournaments. Two teams of four players each must capture as many rings as possible while preventing the enemy team from stealing them.



In Ring Battle, each team will spawn on two different areas of the map, with approximately 50 rings floating in the air (similar to Test Flight or Pilot Aptitude Test). When three minutes have elapsed, an additional 20 rings will spawn (total of 70). The team with the most rings at the end of the match will win.

Rings can be captured by either flying through them or by shooting down another player who has flown through rings (in the latter's case, one random ring the enemy player flew through will be transferred to the player). A ring's color determines its status: yellow rings have not been captured, blue rings have been captured by the player's team, and red rings have been captured by the enemy team. The targeting boxes around other players that display their aircraft will also display the number of rings they have captured at the bottom-left of the box.

Each player will earn points for capturing rings and for shooting down players, and will also receive 200 bonus points at the end of the match for each ring they personally control. However, similar to Naval Fleet Assault, the team's total points does not affect the outcome of the match. Winning or losing the match depends entirely on ring control.

Complete Victory[]

If one team manages to capture all 70 rings in the latter half of the mission, the Complete Victory timer will begin. The opposing team will have 15 seconds to capture 20 rings. If they fail to do so, the match will end and the team with full control will achieve "Complete Victory".


If the players on one team fly through multiple rings in quick succession, a team combo will occur, which will be indicated at the top-left of the HUD. Maintaining a high team combo will award bonus credits after the match ends.

It should be noted that the only way to achieve a 70+ combo is through the enemy team taking rings while the friendly team combo is still active, and then continuing to take them back to keep increasing the combo.

Highest Combo Bonus Credits
0 - 9 0
10 - 19 1,000
20 - 29 2,000
30 - 39 3,000
40 - 49 4,000
50 - 59 5,000
60 - 69 6,000
70 - 79 7,000
80 - 89 8,000
90 - 99 9,000
100+ 10,000

Fever Time[]

At the top-left of the HUD, a "Fever Gauge" is shown; this gauge can be increased by various actions, including shooting down other players and maintaining a team combo. If the gauge fills up, Fever Time will activate for the team.

During Fever Time, flying through a ring will also capture another random ring elsewhere on the map. Fever Time also doubles the points earned for flying through rings and shooting down other players.


Ring Battle takes place on maps that have already appeared elsewhere in the game.

  • Tokyo Sky Domination
  • Welcome Back to San Diego



  • The wreckage of a player's aircraft after being shot down can still capture rings if it flies through any before completely exploding.