Rising High is a mission in Ace Combat 2.


The image of an enemy unit in flight was sent to us by reconnaissance satellite. From its size, the image appears to be a bomber unit in a moving operation. We have also discovered some unidentified aircraft not found in our data. No further details are known. We want you to pursue and eliminate the targets.

Target: The enemy bomber unit

At high altitudes, our planes stalls easily. Treat her gently and watch your airspeed!


The targets of this mission –two pairs of SR-71s and XB-70 Valkyries in two groups– must be prevented from leaving the operational area. However, they move at high speeds above the cloud covers at altitudes exceeding 10,000 feet, forcing the player to move quickly if they desire to intercept them. The best plane for this mission would be the X-29A, unlocked in the previous mission, due to its high speed.

Upon starting, the two groups of targets start with a notable lead on the player as seen on the map, although the positioning of their icons igenerally exaggerates the distance between them and Scarface. Maintaining level flight above the clouds requires constant application of the afterburner to prevent stalling, and thus denying them a chance to cover greater ground. They are defended by four enemy X-29s that can be ignored, although their missile attacks may distract the player from attacking the main targets.


  • If the reconnaissance aircraft are allowed to reach the "escape line", the player will receive a "Mission Over" message and be allowed to continue with the following mission. This does not happen in any other level.