Roca Roja is a large desert region located in southern Usea, southeast of Los Canas. It is a dry plateau featuring many rock formations and mountains. It stretches across the southeast portion of the Waiapolo Mountains. In the region is Roca Roja Base, under the control of the Federation of Central Usea.[2]


Ulysses Impact Event

Roca Roja was one of many locations struck by the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid.[1]

Lighthouse War

At the onset of the war, Erusean foces seized control of Roca Roja Base from Central Usean forces.[2]

On July 4, 2019, the Osean military dispatched Spare Squadron to Roca Roja in order to assess the anti-air capabilities of the Erusean forces stationed in the region. During the operation, Spare Squadron succeeded in destroying a substantial amount of Erusean military assets, prompting them to retaliate with squadrons of MQ-99s which subsequently entered the airspace. Despite a number of Spare pilots being shot down, the operation was a success.[1]



  • Roca Roja is Spanish for "Red Rock".