"Rot 1 to all craft. Time to hunt some wild dogs. Down them all."
― Squadron leader Detlef Fleisher[1]

Rot Team, officially the 52nd Tactical Fighter Squadron[2], was an elite Belkan Air Force unit. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Detlef Fleisher, the four-man squadron flew with a deep sense of nationalistic pride for their country. Rot Team was routinely deployed during the Belkan War along the front lines until they were shot down by Galm Team.[1][2]


After Belka invaded its neighbors on March 25, 1995, Rot Team earned an impressive combat record and propaganda coverage during the war's early days.[2][3]

A month later on April 20, the Ustian mercenary Galm Team attacked the Belkan forces stationed at Area B7R, prompting Rot Team to intercept, only to be shot down in the process. Only Fleisher survived the encounter.[1][4]



  • Rot Team shares its squadron number and notable combat record with Jagdgeschwader 52, the most successful fighter wing of all time. Similarly, JG 52 was a fighter wing of Nazi Germany, which served as a major inspiration for Belka.
  • "Rot" is German for "Red".


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