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"Rot 1 to all craft. Time to hunt some wild dogs. Down 'em all."
― Detlef Fleisher[1]

The Rot Team was an elite Belkan Air Force squadron that saw action in the Belkan War. Led by the ace Detlef Fleisher, Rot Team saw great success in the early days of the war, earning an impressive kill record. They fought with a deep sense of pride for their country.

Rot Team was sent to Area B7R to back up the defense unit there, but were shot down by Galm Team.


In the early days of the war, the Rot Squadron was thought to be the BAF's ultimate air unit. Despite being a newer unit which had not seen any action before the Belkan War, Rot's kill score during the first months of the Belkan War was with great successes. The team was mostly centered around the flight commander, Detlef Fleisher, who was known as the BAF's "poster boy".

In March 1995, the Rot Squadron was scrambled to the Airspace B7R, widely known as the "Round Table", to engage two aircraft from the Ustian Air Force's 6th Air Division, which were conducting reconnaissance on the Round Table. The 2 squadrons clashed in battle, and in the end, all Rot aircraft were shot down by the Galm Team. Rot 1 was the only confirmed survivor after that battle in The Round Table.


Rot One - Detlef Fleisher

Status: Alive

Nationality: Belkan

Shot down over Area B7R in 1995. He succeeded on landing his damaged aircraft, and continue his career in the air force working his way up from officer to base commander. After the war, he became a professor of history at the University of Dinsmark, where he continues to apply himself diligently toward his teaching and research.

Rot Two - Jurgen Maier

Status: Killed in Action

Nationality: Belkan

Enlisting in the air force soon after high school graduation, he completed the grueling training to be awarded in the 2nd Air Division 52nd Tactical Fighter Squadron. He was shot down and killed in action during the Ustio Choker One operation.

Rot Three - Helmut Schnellinger

Status: Killed in Action

Nationality: Belkan

He was shot down during a mission over the Gebere Mountains. However, an investigation by bereaved family members into the recovery of his remains uncovered nothing more than the empty wreckage of his aircraft. His surviving family continues to press their dissatisfaction of the government's official report.

Rot Four - Karl-Heinz Sammer

Status: Killed in Action

Nationality: Belkan

Shot down and killed during the Ustio Choker One operation. An investigation into the details regarding his death revealed that problems with the aircraft's ejection mechanism resulted in severe and fatal full-body contusions. His remains were miraculously recovered and delivered to surviving family.



  • The team shares some similarities with Jagdgeschwader 52, such as the squadron number and their achievements during the war.


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