"This route is Ustio's lifeline. I'll get it back."
Larry Foulke[1]

Route 171 is a multi-lane highway that stretches across Arlon in northwestern Sapin. The highway is an important transportation route through the region and links Sapin to the neighboring nations of Osea and Ustio.


Route 171 is approximately 1,100 kilometers long and connects Osea to the west and Ustio to the northeast.[2] The scenic highway, which is lined with trees and hedgerows, extends through Arlon's rolling patchwork of farmland. The ground-level roadway is relatively flat and crosses the Aare River's shallow valley at three points.[1]

A panoramic view of Arlon, Sapin; a segment of Route 171 is visible on the left


During the Belkan War, Route 171 was seized during the Belkans' opening offensive, which quickly overwhelmed Sapin's defenses in the north. On April 15, the Allied Forces dispatched fighters to eliminate the Belkan forces holding Route 171. Mercenary squadrons such as Galm Team inflicted significant damage to the Belkan forces, allowing the Allies to secure a supply line through northern Sapin.[1]