"Johan! Make some space on the truck bed!"
― Ruchs commander at Hoffnung

The Ruchs Transport Unit was a Belkan Army transport unit involved in the Belkan War of 1995. The unit was tasked with transporting supplies and troops through the front lines of the war.


While the Ruchs unit was likely involved in many more battles, the only known battles they participated in were as follows:

It is unknown what became of the unit and its members following Operation Broom.


  • "Ruchs" is likely a mistranslation of "Luchs", the German word for "lynx".
    • This mistranslation between the letters "R" and "L" also appears in the name of the player's squadron, Galm Team (from "Garmr").
  • The appearance of the Ruchs Transport Unit at Mount Schirm and Anfang confirms that they sided with the Belkan dissidents refusing to adhere to the disarmament order following Operation Ravage.
  • With their multiple appearances, particularly with the leader always heard talking with his subordinate Johan, the Ruchs unit is considered to be a running gag in Ace Combat Zero.