STONEHENGE RETURNS I is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity that only appears after completion of an Online Co-Op Mission. It takes place at Stonehenge Type-3. The premise involves the reactivation of the Stonehenge railgun system, requiring players to destroy it once more.


"Stonehenge Destruction Mission"

The surface-to-air railgun, "Stonehenge", has started functioning again. Its massive destruction power is causing serious damage to our forces. We need you to head to Turkey immediately and destroy Stonehenge. The enemy will be jamming the surrounding airspacevia facilities on the ground, making it impossible for you to cause damage to Stonehenge until they are destroyed. The purpose of this mission is to completely destroy these facilities and the surface-to-air railgun.


Players spawn at the southeast corner of the map. Stonehenge is located roughly in the center of the map, and will immediately commence firing on all players. All eight railguns are active, and Stonehenge's fire now blankets the sky at all altitudes within the damage range, forcing players to avoid the blast radius completely.

Radar jamming facilities consisting of three radar towers defended by multiple AA guns and SAMs are set up in four locations, one on each corner of the map. The players' first objective is to destroy the radar towers to clear the jamming.

Soon afterward, five MiG-31B Foxhounds will enter the airspace from the northwest. Players must shoot down all five of these aircraft.

After all aircraft are shot down, the three jamming towers in the middle of Stonehenge can be damaged. All three towers must be destroyed to continue with the mission.

Finally, players must destroy all eight Stonehenge railguns to complete the mission.

S Rank[]

To finish the mission with an S rank:

  • Destroy the 4 ECM stations. You can not lock onto them with your missiles, and so will need to dumb-fire them or use your machine guns and unguided special weapons. AA defenses around the stations and enemy aircraft between them are also spawned, but are not necessary for an S-rank; the AA defenses will be removed from the level once all four stations are destroyed.
  • After all four ECM stations are completely destroyed, a squadron of MiG-31Bs will arrive near the last one to fall. These are required targets.
  • Once the squadron has been destroyed, three more jamming towers in the center of the ring of railguns can be attacked.
  • After the destruction of the jammers, the cannons, nearby AA defenses, and aircraft taking off from nearby runways can all be targeted and destroyed as normal. All of them need to be destroyed within the time limit, before all eight cannons themselves are destroyed, for an S rank. There will be additional, high-end aircraft spawning in the air as the cannons fall; these targets are optional. Those high-end aircraft are needed also for S Rank.


E or D Rank[]

The results of this operation were significantly less than Command expected.
So long as Stonehenge remains in play, our forces will remain at a serious disadvantage.

C or B Rank[]

While we failed to completely silence Stonehenge, we have at least put a stop to their attack plans in the vicinity for the foreseeable future.
However, having failed to completely destroy Stonehenge, we must be ready to face the emergence of that threat again in the future.

A Rank[]

Your actions have silenced Stonehenge again.
This will surely impact the enemy's operations within the Turkey region now.

S Rank[]

Your exemplary flying has aided in completely silencing Stonehenge.
With the threat of Stonehenge removed, the superiority of our forces in the region is becoming more established.



  • The mission is called STONEHENGE RETURN I in the Japanese version of the game and the English version of the 1.03 Update trailer.
  • Completing the mission 3 times unlocks the "EM Railgun Destruction Mission Medal of Valor (White)" emblem and the "Stone Crusher" nickname.