STONEHENGE RETURNS IV is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity that only appears after completion of an Online Co-Op Mission. It takes place at an upgraded Stonehenge Type-3. The premise involves the reactivation of the Stonehenge railgun system, requiring players to destroy it once more.



Players spawn at the southeast corner of the map. Stonehenge is located roughly in the center of the map, and will immediately commence firing on all players. All eight railguns are active, and Stonehenge's fire now blankets the sky at all altitudes within the damage range, forcing players to avoid the blast radius completely.

Radar jamming facilities consisting of three radar towers defended by multiple AA guns and SAMs are set up in four locations, one on each corner of the map. The players' first objective is to destroy the radar towers to clear the jamming.

Soon afterward, three Kottos-class aerial warships will spawn above Stonehenge, jamming the radar. Players must shoot all three of them down, by first destroying their jammer arrays, then their engines, and finally their cockpits.

After all three Kottos are shot down, one of the Butterfly Master's QFA-44 Carmillas will appear alongside innumerable MQ-90Ls. Her QFA-44 is the only important target here, and must be shot down to continue the mission.

After the QFA-44 is shot down, the three jamming towers in the middle of Stonehenge can be damaged. All three towers must be destroyed to continue with the mission.

Finally, the Stonehenge railguns can be damaged. The Butterfly Master will reappear with a second QFA-44 and more MQ-90Ls, and as the Stonehenge guns are destroyed, more enemy aircraft will spawn in the vicinity. Players must destroy all eight Stonehenge railguns to complete the mission.

S Rank[]

Just like all other missions, all of the enemy's must be destroyed in order to obtain S rank. However, there is a possibility that an S rank may still be achieved if very few enemies are left, assuming the players reach the point threshold required for the rank.

To finish the mission with an S rank:

  • Destroy the 4 ECM stations sites. You can not lock onto them with your missiles, and so you will need to dumb-fire them with standard missiles or use machine guns and unguided special weapons. AA defenses around the stations and enemy aircraft between them also spawned, they are necessary for an S-rank.
  • When all four ECM stations are completely destroyed, three Kottos-class heavy command cruisers will appear in three random directions; East/West and South/North side of the map. Once those are destroyed, one of the Butterfly Master's QFA-44s will appear alongside a large group of MQ-90Ls instead of T-50 PAK-FAs in the center of the Jammers. Her QFA-44 is the only important target here, and must be shot down to continue the mission. Three more jamming towers in the center of the ring of railguns can then be attacked.
  • After the destruction of the Jammers, the railgun cannons, nearby AA defenses within the vicinity of the area, and aircraft: two MiG-29A Fulcrums and two Mi-24 Hinds taking off from nearby runway can all be targeted and destroyed as normal. Another of the Butterfly Master's QFA-44s will appear with more MQ-90Ls in the center of the destroyed Jammers. Her QFA-44, her drones and the rest of targets are needed to be destroyed within the time limit, before all eight cannons themselves are destroyed, for an S rank.


C or B Rank[]

While you proved unable to completely silence the Stonehenge Black Ring, enemy forces have been significantly suppressed. However, due to the weapon not being completely destroyed, we cannot ignore the fact that it may be reactivated in the future.

A Rank[]

You have silenced the Stonehenge Black Ring. This should cause the enemy to lose momentum in the Turkey region.

S Rank[]

Your skilled flying has silenced Stonehenge Black Ring. With the threat of Stonehenge removed, our forces in the region have obtained an unquestionable advantage.