Sachana Air Base is the largest Aurelian Air Force base located in Raven Woods.[1]


Sachana Air Base is located within the Raven Woods, a thick forest located in the region that allows quick access to both Aurelia and Leasath, and is surrounded by rolling hills that make up the Kalana Steppes.


Due to its location, Sachana became a main target of Leasath's invasion as sorties from the base have a long reach into both Aurelia and Leasath. The base was taken by Leasath forces at the start of the war.[2]

In late 2020, in the middle of the Aurelian counter-attack, Aurelia launched an operation to retake Sachana Air Base. A helicopter unit was sent to the base with Gryphus One as escort. Despite resistance from Leasathian ground forces, Sachana Air Base was successfully recaptured.[1]