"This party is for invited guests only. Protect that helicopter at all costs!"
Frederick Burford

Safe Recovery - Bravo is the eighth mission of Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Burford: This is an important mission. One Mr. Leblanc, officer of the IIAO (International Insurance Auditing Organization), has been kidnapped by the Valahia. IUPF special forces, call sign "Fat Duck," rescued him but was hit by hostiles in turn. They crash landed in the industrial area on the outskirts of the city. The IUPF has decided to launch a rescue helicopter "Paper-wasp" to save the VIP. Antares Squad will fly escort. Paper-wasp will proceed through the oil field, then rescue the target from the city. After the rescue, Paper-wasp will cross the oil field again to safety. Antares will support. The success of this mission rests on how quickly the rescue can be completed. Hostiles are unlikely to give up pursuit of the helicopter easily. Remain on guard until the very end.



The S-Rank is achieved if the Paper-wasp survives throughout the mission without taking any hit (100% MPG bar)

Named Aces

  • U-2 Hengel - appears to the northwest of the operation area during mission update 1. It will fly east to the northeast corner, then fly west back to the northwest corner, and disappears once mission phase 1 is over.


Burford: Mr. Leblanc is alive and well, and there were no serious injuries among the special forces either. This was achieved thanks to the flying of Paper-wasp and support of Antares Squadron. Good job. The fortress "Spiridus" has now left the Middle East and is headed for Anatolia, Turkey. We are to fly north in pursuit.

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