Saint Ark, or St. Ark, is a port city in northeastern Usea, due west of North Point. Over the course of its history, the city has been the site of several military operations during various conflicts.


Usean coup d'état

In early 1998, Saint Ark was one of the first cities to fall under the control of the Usean Rebel Forces during the Usean coup d'état; it would become the location of the rebels' central headquarters soon after.[2][3]

On September 7, 1998, the Usean Allied Forces deployed Scarface Squadron to liberate the city from rebel forces. After the first wave of rebel forces were eliminated, a mysterious red aircraft, which was more advanced than the red aircraft Scarface had previously encountered, entered the airspace and engaged the squadron in a dogfight. It was ultimately shot down, and Scarface Squadron quickly defeated the remaining rebel forces and destroyed their headquarters, freeing the city from rebel control.[1]

On the night of the city's liberation, the Folkvangr, a second Dragonet-class submarine, was preparing to launch an SLBM towards Saint Ark. Phoenix was quickly deployed to deal with the threat. The SLBM was successfully launched just before the Folkvangr was sunk, forcing Phoenix to give chase and shoot it down. He successfully destroyed the missile in mid-air, protecting the city from danger.[4][5]

Ulysses Impact Event

St. Ark Crater

High-altitude image of the St. Ark Crater. The remnants of St. Ark Air Base's runway can be seen on the lower left edge of the crater.

A fragment of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid impacted the outskirts of Saint Ark, destroying the city's air base and leaving a crater nearly 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) in diameter. The major port in the southeast of the city was spared but this impact is recorded as "the most devastating of all the Ulysses fragments to strike urban areas". The city's civil defense capabilities were lost and most of the main roads were blocked by the debris.[6]

A private consortium is leading reconstruction efforts in the impact zone. These projects are proceeding at a faster pace than at other impact zones in Usea, attracting the attention of other countries.[6]

Continental War

During the Continental War, the port city became a rallying point for surviving Independent State Allied Forces soldiers retreating from the west. Following ISAF's evacuation to North Point, the remaining ground forces left Saint Ark and regrouped at North Point to begin preparations for a counterattack. Saint Ark fell into Erusean control following ISAF's withdrawal; it was later liberated at some point between May 7 and June 18, 2005, following the start of ISAF's counteroffensive on the Usean mainland.[7]



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