Salamander Squadron is an Osean Air Defense Force unit that took part in the Lighthouse War.


Salamander Squadron's first known deployment in the war was Operation Dragon Breath on August 19, 2019, where they assisted in defending Stonehenge from invading Erusean forces. They later engaged the Arsenal Bird Liberty's MQ-101s while Wiseman and Trigger attacked the Arsenal Bird's central propellers.[1]

On September 19, 2019, the squadron took part in Operation Giant's Step, assisting OGDF units in the area in capturing Farbanti. They later retreated and made an emergency landing at a separate air base following the destruction of Usea's satellite network.[2]

On October 31, 2019, Salamander Squadron engaged Erusean Radical forces alongside a coalition of Osean and Erusean forces and later assisted in shooting down the Arsenal Bird Justice.[3] The following day, they assisted in shooting down the two ADF-11F UAVs that had entered the airspace. Although Salamander suffered some casualties within their numbers during the engagement, they, along with the rest of the coalition, were successful in taking down the advanced UCAVs. [4]


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