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This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see San Loma Assault (mission).
For the battle in which San Loma was initially lost to Estovakia, see Battle of San Loma.
"I bet those Emmerians are trying to break through our air defenses so they can bomb San Loma."
Estovakian soldier[1]

The San Loma Assault[2] was a key battle of the Emmeria-Estovakia War that resulted in the recapture of San Loma.


After the battle at the Selumna Peaks, the Emmerian military began to devise a plan to destroy the Estovakian cruise missile threat. To do this they needed an area to stage this counterattack from, they concluded that the city of San Loma would suffice as it was where Cavallia Air Force Base is located.[3]


The battle was composed of three separate operations. A ground element, the Warlock Separate Battalion, escorted by Windhover Squadron advanced from the north and engaged enemy ground forces. Bomber Unit Stork and Hammerhead Squadron, escorted by Sky Kid Squadron flew in from the west to bomb Estovakian defensive and electronic warfare positions. Lastly, the 2nd Fleet escorted by Avalanche Squadron moved in from the south to engage a numerically superior Estovakian fleet and numerous anti-ship aircraft before moving into the harbor to further attack enemy forces. The Emmerian Air Force provided support to all three operations.[1]

Once the quota of operations was completed, the Emmerian forces would move onto the San Lome takeover operation, wiping up any remaining Estovakian forces within the city.[1]

As the Emmerians began to give the Estovakian forces a hard time, the P-1112 Aigaion began to provide nimbus missile support from over the Fuscum Sea using UAVs to guide the missiles to their targets, the same tactic used in their counter-invasion of Selumna Peaks.[1]


Following the success of the operation, numerous Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadrons would sortie from Cavallia towards the Fuscum Sea where they would launch an assault on the Aerial Fleet.[4]



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