"San Loma Assault"[b] is the eighth campaign mission in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The player must help their allies recapture Cavallia Air Force Base and free San Loma in the process.


Then I'll give you the low-down of our mission. Small unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles, and Heavy command cruisers are all closely related in terms of functionality, and have been uncovered as the enemy's secret weapons by our analysis results. We have collected missile and small unmanned aerial vehicle samples, as well as radar records, analyzed them, and came up with the following. First of all, the small unmanned aerial vehicles are operated from long distance, and approach their intended targets to destroy them. In step 2, a special electronic signal inside of each unmanned aerial vehicle is sent to a cruise missile for guidance. And for the final step, the cruise missile that was guided by a small unmanned aerial vehicle hits and destroys its attack target. That is how the enemy's cruise missile system operates. Small unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles are both launched from the enemy's heavy command cruiser. Once launched, they are operated from the heavy command cruiser via remote control. Our joint chiefs of staff have drawn up a plan to destroy the enemy's missile system based on these analysis results. In order to conquer the heavy command cruiser, a constant barrage of attacks from the air is absolutely indispensible. First we need to get a springboard to launch our plan of attacks. We're about to head south to retake Cavallia Air Force Base in San Loma. Our objective is to retake Cavallia's air facilities, then establish a front line to destroy the enemy's missile system. Once the runway is secured, we should have a decent chance at taking out the heavy command cruiser. Enemy forces will be heavily deployed, from land, air, and sea. We'll be doing all we can to deal with them, but I'm sure they'll be waiting for us. Success or failure of this mission will very likely have a significant effect on the war. Put everything you've got into this one.



The player will have three operations to participate in, and they must complete two operations in order to advance the mission.

(A) Ground Unit Support
Warlock are advancing on San Loma from the east. In their path are three Estovakian tank battlions–Oleg, Kuznetsov and Sabine. The player, alongside Windhover Squadron, must escort Warlock and destroy all enemy TGTs.
(B) Bomber Defense
Hammerhead Squadron is bombing enemy emplacement along the southern coast while advancing on San Loma. The player must assist Sky Kid Squadron in escorting Hammerhead and destroying all enemy TGTs.
(C) Anti-Ship Assault
The Marigold is leading the 2nd Fleet in a push towards Doypalm Bay. In their path is an Estovakian fleet. The player must assist Avalanche Squadron in escorting the 2nd Fleet and destroying all enemy TGTs.

Mission Update[]

After two operations have been completed, the focus of the mission will shift to the liberation of San Loma itself. The Emmerian military will advance on San Loma from all directions. The player and their allies must destroy all remaining enemy TGTs in and around the Doypalm Bay.

Enemy Lists[]

Standard Units[]

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Special Units[]

Unit Points Minimum
Icon-AirEnemy Typhoon "RUSALKA" 2000 Expert [note 1]

S Rank[]

Earning an S rank on this mission requires earning an average rank of S on the individual operations and the Mission Update. The S rank requirements for each stage are as follows:[1]

  • Operation A: 11,500+ points
  • Operation B: 13,200+ points
  • Operation C: 17,700+ points
  • Mission Update: 26,500+ points


Mission accomplished. We have managed to retake Cavallia Air Force Base and free San Loma in the process. Cavallia will be our chief base of operation for conquering the enemy's heavy command cruiser. Ultimately the enemy's cruise missile system cannot be stopped unless their heavy command cruiser is destroyed first. Every minute counts for us here. Wait for your next order concerning this operation.


  1. Seizing the Chance of Victory under Barrage (弾幕下に奪う勝機)
  2. San Loma Assault (サン・ロマ強襲)
  1. RUSALKA will spawn near above the Doypalm Bay following the Mission Update.