"Now, Antares, it's time to fight! Let's see if you have what it takes to become a hero!"
Milosz Sulejmani

Sanctify is the 17th mission in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Burford: Our forces are now to attack the Valahia's main base, an old USSR nuclear missile silo. The Valahia call this region 'infern', Romanian for 'hell'. Lets show them what real hell on Earth is. The Valahia have already made a laundry list of impossible demands to the global community. The demands are backed by threats to nuke the US and Europe. But we can't give in to such tactics. We must take back the hostile facility before launch prep is completed, neutralizing the Valahia. Antares Squadron will enter the area before the ground forces, securing air supremacy. Sulejmani and his men are probably here too. It'll be a tough battle, but one I know you can win. Antares Squadron, let's do this.



Antares Squadron is tasked with stopping the nukes before they get launched and destroying the Valahia once and for all. Varcolac Squadron stands in the way. The main threat is Sulejmani who can now perform counter maneuvers similar to the scenes in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon when a missile is launched at him. To overcome this, it would be good to have multi-target weapons like the XLAAXMAA or the ODMM. Either those three or try to time the launching of the missiles. The player can also try to close in, out-turn him and gun him down. After he is shot down, the rest of the Varcolac Squadron will lose their sync and break out of formation, making it easy to shoot them down. 

Mission Update

In the mission update the player has to fly through the silo to destroy the launch control facilities. Destroy the switch as you advance to clear the passage to silo A. Try not to fly too fast while entering silo A as the switch in the silo B is located high above the silo, destroy it to clear the path to the next silo. In the next passage destroy the switch to open the path to silo E, enter silo E and head to the passage in front to reach the final silo. Destroy both control facilities in the final silo to complete the mission.


The S-Rank is achieved when the mission is completed within 5 minutes or less.

Named Aces

  • Rafale M Hayate - Spawns to the northwest when Sulejmani is shot down. Will not spawn if a long time is taken to take out Sulejmani.


Burford: The nuclear launch was averted and the Valahia wiped out. Great job, Antares Squadron. The Valahia leaders didn't try to escape, they died with their plan. Such ill-applied conviction. Now with the Valahia threat eliminated, our duty as part of the IUPF is over. However, our work isn't done yet. We've also learned of the real threat, Golden Axe. And this plan is about to trigger further conflict in U.S.. As both as an American citizen and a solider manipulated by this plan, I am driven to prevent it! As of right now, the M42 Squadron is leaving the IUPF and moving to stop the Golden Axe Plan! Olivieri started the IUPF, and so informing of our knowledge would mark us as targets. This will be our toughest mission yet. I won't force any of you, but I hope you'll join our cause.


  • Shooting down a Varcolac member which trigger unique responses from their peers, depending on which pilot was defeated. 

If Oruma is shot down first,

Gaviria : Oruma! Oruma!

Kiriakov : Since when did you all become such bad pilots?!

If Kiriakov is shot down first,

Oruma : Toiya no!, You gotta be kiddin me!

Gaviria : He got Kiriakov?!, he's going down next!

If Gaviria is shot down first,

Oruma : Faryd!

Kiriakov : Well played, Antares!


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