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The Scarface Squadron was a renowned mercenary unit that participated in operations across the Usean Continent in the late 20th century.


Skully Islands insurrection

The Scarface team was formed in the year 1995, when the Usean Allied Forces,[citation needed] whose HQ was located on the Skully Islands in southern Usea, were toppled by a well-organized coup d'état. Robert Tyler, the commander of the southern district of the FCU Army, hired a number of mercenaries from across the world to defeat the rebels and restore its legitimate government.

The unit carried out operations against the terrorists in various fronts across Skully, targeting vital infrastructure to weaken their combat ability. Eventually, they destroyed the Sky Fortress airship near the coast of the island, bringing an end to the rebellion. After the war, the squadron disbanded and Scarface One left the battlefield.

Usean coup d'état

In early 1998, the Scarface unit was reformed after the outbreak of the Usean coup d'état. Now designated the "USEA Allied Forces 37th Air Force 18th Fighter Wing 1st Squadron", the squadron was hired by the Usean Allied Forces to battle the anti-Osea troops across Usea. The new squadron was vastly smaller in comparison to the first formation, being composed solely of Phoenix, John Herbert and Kei Nagase. The unit was backed by Ulrich Olsen, who served as their monitor and commander.

From March onward, the unit repeatedly fought the rebel forces across the continent, attacking major bases and defeating several elite fighter squadrons sent to take them down, and played a vital role in the cleansing of the Usean territory from the enemy. In September of that year, they destroyed the rebels' final stronghold, Fortress Intolerance, ultimately ending the war.


Scarface Squadron primarily includes the flight leader, Phoenix. John Herbert and Kei Nagase also joined the squadron during the Usean coup d'état.

The following wingmen were in the squadron during the Skully Islands insurrection: