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Schakal Squadronis an ace squadron of the Belkan Air Force. Seeing action during the 1995 Belkan War, Schakal Team collaborated with the Gabel Squadron and Postler Squadron in the defense of Futuro Canal.


Belkan War

Schakal Team's only known action during the Belkan was is their involvement in Offensive Campaign No. 4101, a joint Osean-Ustian assault whose objective was to gain a naval advantage by clearing the Futuro Canal sector of all Belkan forces. Schakal Team sprung to action when attempting to defend friendly troops in the southern sector of Futuro, during Operation Gelnikos.

The Schakal aircraft were attacked and destroyed by Galm Team in their attempt to defend the Canal, like their Postler and Gabel allies.


Marco Metzelder

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Flight leader of the Schakal Flight. Survived the engagement with Galm Team. After the Belkan War, he retired from the BAF and returned home, where services for returning war veterans provided him with a chance to join the University of Dinsmark as an economic major. Currently, he works at a private firm in Sudentor.

Jorg Lenhmann

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Second of the Schakal Team. Retired from the Belkan Air Force in 1988, and flew in various fronts throughout the planet as a mercenary ever since. Forced to return to the BAF at the Belkan War's outbreak. Shot down and killed during the Belkan defense of Futuro Canal.