"Just look at the view. There's not much difference between those countries from up here."
Larry Foulke to Cipher[2]

The Schayne Plains are an expanse of relatively flat grasslands located in North Osea (formerly South Belka), northeast of the Great Lakes and northwest of Lumen. During the Belkan War, the plains became the site of a decisive engagement between the Belkan Army and the Allied Forces.


The Schayne Plains are a steppe—a large, inland grassland comprised of open expanses and rolling forested hills. A narrow, winding river, which possibly flows into one of the Great Lakes to the southwest, traverses the region.

Two former Belkan air bases can be found on the plains on opposite sides of the river: one to the northwest, and one to the southeast.


Schayne Plains (ACZ)

An aerial view of the Schayne Plains' rolling hills and varied ground cover

In mid-May 1995, the Belkan Army was in retreat following the Allied Forces' initiation of Offensive Campaign No. 4101. The Belkans quickly established a vast defensive line across the Schayne Plains in an effort to halt the Allies' northward advance. The Allied Forces consequently launched Operation Dynamo, a multifaceted campaign that divided the Allies' air forces into three attack groups: Alpha, Beta, and Theta.[1]

At 1530hrs on May 19, Allied squadrons, supported by mercenary pilots such as Galm Team, attacked the Belkans' defensive line. The Allied strike teams were ultimately successful in clearing the Schayne Plains, allowing the Allied transport planes to move freely through the airspace. However, the Belkan chemical-laser weapon Excalibur fired on the Allies and destroyed all of the transports, along with several escort fighters.[2]