"Your sacrifice will never be forgotten."
― Schenze to Adler[1]

Schenze was the codename and callsign of an operative of the mysterious Belkan organization known as the "Grey Men" during the Circum-Pacific War.


As one of the individuals involved in the hijacking of the Arkbird, Schenze communicated with and relayed orders to Adler, who was on board the Arkbird during its flight over the Ceres Ocean. On December 19, 2010, Schenze transmitted orders to the Arkbird to initiate its nuclear attack on Okchabursk, Yuktobania at 1400hrs.[1]

Shortly after 1309hrs, Schenze received an urgent transmission from Alder stating that the Arkbird was under attack by the "Ghosts of Razgriz". Schenze ordered Adler to launch the UCAVs for defense. Several minutes later, Schenze received another transmission from Adler informing him that the original mission was no longer feasible considering the dire circumstances. Schenze responded by solemnly reminding Adler that their contingency plan required him to perform a suicide attack on Osean territory. Shortly thereafter, Schenze stopped receiving transmissions from Adler.[1]

The intelligence-gathering vessel OFS Andromeda later traced the source of Schenze's transmissions to the Arkbird and isolated the SOLG control facility's location beneath the Waldreich Mountains.[2] His fate after the war's conclusion remains unknown.


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