"My homeland...It feels so far away now."
― Schroeder[3]

Doctor Schroeder[a] is a Belkan scientist working with the EASA under assignment from Gründer Industries. He played a key role in the development of Erusea's drone technology. He is described as having a typical scientist's temperament.[4]


Born and raised in Belka,[3] Schroeder joined Gründer Industries at some point and was sent to work for the Erusean Air and Space Administration in the Usean continent, in order to gather the flight data of former ace pilot Mihaly A. Shilage and create artificial intelligence for drones. Using an advanced flight suit, he recorded Mihaly's movements.[5]

Following Mihaly's second sortie, Schroeder was tasked with comparing his performance to his previous sorties by calculating the change in his physiology under the stress of combat. At this point, he grew more reluctant to complete his work. He ordered a new flight suit after the previous suit proved ineffective in allowing Mihaly to reach his full potential. He observed Mihaly taking off for Farbanti, realizing how the ace pilot felt at home when in the sky.[6]

After the destruction of Usea's satellite network, Schroeder took the data chip containing Mihaly's flight data and left for Selatapura in an EASA transport, along with his assistant and Mihaly's granddaughters.[7]

On October 1, 2019, the transport flew over Anchorhead Bay, escorted by multiple unmanned F/A-18Fs, and encountered the Strider Squadron and AWACS Long Caster, informing them that they had civilians on board. The transport was targeted by Erusean conservative forces, but were quickly intercepted by Strider Squadron. The escort drones later turned on the transport and requested multiple MQ-99s for assistance using their remote activation rights. Schroeder explained to Long Caster that the escorts were in fact drones and not manned aircraft. Strider Squadron destroyed all drones in the area, and the EASA transport safely flew outside the airspace.[8]

Once the transport arrived in Selatapura, Schroeder uploaded Mihaly's flight data at the International Space Elevator's support facility, which was converted into a drone production line. He later encountered Avril Mead, Princess Rosa, Tabloid and a 444th prison guard. Ionela, who learned of Schroeder's true intentions, destroyed the data chip containing the data by stealing a handgun from the prison guard. After she lamented about her grandfather's suffering and the loss of her country, Schroeder felt remorseful for his actions. He was approached by Avril, who intended to destroy all facilities producing the drones. He informed her of the scheduled construction of two new UAVs at one of the facilities and showed their locations. Schroeder was then approached by the Princess and was asked about his thoughts on the painting commissioned by Vincent Harling.[3]



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