All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Scorpion Island is a military complex seen in the original Air Combat. It is a massive, heavily protected fortress built in an island in the national coastline, connected to the mainland through a large suspension bridge. It is surrounded by several small islands, and contains an airfield.

During the coup d'état that nearly brought down the country's infrastructure, rebellion forces took over Scorpion Island. and used it as one of their main bases. As the allied forces pushed back and regained territory, they eventually targeted Scorpion Island as one of the main points in the rebels' vital infrastructure. Seeing as the base itself was virtually impenetrable through normal attacks, they decided that the most favorable course of operation would be to isolate Scorpion Island from the mainland. Thus, the allied forces dispatched the mercenary Phoenix Squadron to destroy the island's main links to the country. During their assault, they destroyed the island's suspension bridge and razed its air base, severing the base's links to the country.