Seagull is the 11th mission in Ace Combat 2.


We have received information that the enemy's mobile fleet is on the move. They seem to be ready to rally, immediately after joining forces with their front line troops. Your mission this time is to attack the enemy's mobile fleet, and put a stop to the sea invasion operation.

Target: The enemy's mobile fleet

The AEGIS cruiser's fire power capability is immense! Try to avoid being caught in its sights, and use the hit-and-breakaway operation!



  • 3 x Warship + 3 x AA Gun + 3 x SAM - $10,000 per ship, $1,000 per AA gun, $2,000 per SAM.
  • 1 x Transport - $10,000
  • 1 x Carrier + 3 x AA Gun - $10,000 for carrier, $1,000 per AA gun.



  • Money:$35,000
  • Unlocks: Hangmen (Shoot down Hangment), SF-39 (Shoot down Hangmen, Extra mode only), Z.O.E. badge (Shoot down Z.O.E.).


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