For the Ace Combat 2 mission, see Seagull (AC2).

"This is a hefty trophy we've got here, boys."
Camilla Almeida to Cocoon Squadron about Phoenix.

Seagull is the 12th campaign mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


Olsen: Here is your next mission. We have detected the Rebel fleet just off the Skully Islands. It is the former Allied Forces 2nd Fleet, led by the Kinnear-class carrier, Arquette. The firepower of the 2nd Fleet can do serious damage to the Allied Forces. That's where Scarface Squadron comes in for a surprise attack to neutralize the fleet as much as possible. Along with the 2nd Fleet, you can expect to run into their Ace squadron, rumored to be the strongest Navy fighter squadron. You'll have to keep your eyes on both the sky and water. This is one of your toughest missions yet, but I know you have what it takes to pull it off. Good luck out there, Scarface Squadron.



The player's main objective is to destroy the Usean Rebel Forces 2nd Fleet. Two groups of warships will be directly ahead of the player. The first group consists of a frigate, a destroyer, a cruiser, and a supply ship. The second group consists of an aircraft carrier (which will launch fighters when the player approaches it), two cruisers, and two frigates.

Upon destroying any three ships, Cocoon Squadron will appear to harass the player (four Rafale Ms plus Cocoon 1 as a star unit in her own Rafale). They are not mission-important at the moment, so the player can ignore them and continue to destroy the enemy fleet. However, if the player shoots down any two of the Rafales or damages Camilla enough, they will retreat for the time being.

The mission will advance upon destruction of all enemy ships.

Mission Update

The player will respawn directly facing Cocoon Squadron (six Rafales plus Cocoon 1 in her own Rafale, regardless of any pilots being shot down or Cocoon 1 being harmed earlier), all of which are labeled as TGTs. The objective appears to be to shoot down as many Cocoons as possible.

However, as soon as the player shoots down any Cocoon pilot, a ZOE F/A-18E (labeled as a TGT as well) will spawn and begin to attack the player. It is invincible for the time being. Cocoon Squadron will continue to engage the player as well until either the player waits long enough or shoots down a second Cocoon pilot, at which point Cocoon will retreat. If, instead of shooting down the rest of the squadron, the player damages Cocoon 1 enough, the squadron will immediately retreat.

After Cocoon retreats, the ZOE aircraft loses its invincibility and the player must attack it to advance the mission. Just like its previous appearance, it cannot be shot down. Once the player damages it enough, it will retreat from the airspace.

Once the ZOE aircraft retreats, Cocoon Squadron will appear once more, again with six Rafale's plus Cocoon 1 in her own Rafale. If the player damaged Cocoon 1 prior to ZOE's appearance, she will retain her damage; however, if the player shot down any Cocoon pilots, it doesn't affect this final part of the mission. The player must now completely destroy Cocoon Squadron; once all Cocoon pilots are shot down, the mission will be completed.

S Rank

Finish Mission Under 5:20 Minutes.

Named Aces

  • Rafale M Rosepink - Only appears if the player forces Cocoon Squadron to retreat during the first part of the mission (before the Mission Update).


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Olsen: Enemy fleet and Ace squadron destroyed. This will greatly help to secure control over the southern sea. Impressive. You were able to defeat the Rebel fleet and Cocoon Squadron. The Rebels are starting to realise you are a force to be reckoned with. This mission was just another step towards defeating the Rebel Forces once and for all. Take the rest of the day off. You've earned it.


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