Searcher Mk. II

Aircraft Role: Unmanned Reconnaissance
Manufacturer: Israel Aerospace Industries
Real-World Origin: Israel
AC Installments: Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
Primary Operator: Yuktobania
Secondary Operators: Estovakia
Plane Variants: Searcher Mk. I


The Searcher Mk II System is an operational, advanced fourth generation UAV system derived from the third generation original Searcher. The Searcher Mk II is built to meet your present and future challenges. It has excellent engine and aerodynamic performance, superior deployment and handling qualities and a new advanced universal UAV mission ground control center compatible with all MALAT systems. Both Searcher systems are in operational use.

With more than 120,000 operational hours, IAI is an established pacesetter in integrated UAV systems solutions. Shown is the SEARCHER II Tactical-Operational Multi-Role UAV system with IAI's EL/M- 2055 SAR/MTI UAV reconnaissance payload.

The larger Searcher MkII introduced in 1998, goes to 20,000ft and flies for 20 hours carrying 1200mm colour CCD video cameras for day use and FLIRs for night-time observation.


Ace Combat 5 (the game)
Ace Combat 6 (the game)


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