Belkan Air Power - Second Edition was a Belkan Air Power issue published on July 18, 2005. It focused on the history of the Belkan Air Force.[1] Below is a translation of the original Japanese text.[2]

Second Edition

Often called the "Air Force of Tradition" and producing a great number of aces throughout its history of warfare, this unique organization is difficult to summarize in one word. However, the Principality of Belka, a country that could hardly be called a great power, was always the frontrunner among air forces worldwide until the end of the 20th century. Stating that it has provided the foundation for other air forces around the world as well as the basis for various aviation technologies would not be an overstatement, as evidenced by many military researchers' interest in this subject.

Belkan Air Power Second Edition 1

The establishment of the Belkan Air Force was in the midst of the Osean War (1905–1910), where airplanes were first recognized as having combat potential. It is impossible to discuss the background behind the Belkan Air Force's establishment without mentioning the Air Force Minister Franklin Göllnitz, whose efforts built the military branch's foundations. Göllnitz is said to be the man who discovered the possibility of repurposing airplanes, which were primarily used for reconnaissance at the beginning of the Osean War, for bombing operations. This concept bore fruit and brought about great results to the Belkan military involved in the Osean war, and in no time at all the concept spread to other militaries around the world. At the time, aerial units were called "Cavaliers of the Skies," and a Göllnitz quotation stating that "those who command the skies also command the ground" became a slogan while countries around the world were assembling their own aviation units, although some may have failed to fully comprehend it.

Belkan Air Power Second Edition 2


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