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"Kestrel II is now preparing to launch another attack on Erusea's capital, Farbanti."
IUN-PKF briefing officer[1]

The second Farbanti assault was a battle between Erusea and Osea during the Lighthouse War. It was a follow-up assault on Farbanti carried out by the aircraft carrier Kestrel II as part of a two-front offensive, coinciding with Operation Dual Wielder.[1]


Following Erusea's capture of the International Space Elevator, the IUN made its recapture a priority. Rapid Ersuean advances throughout Usea caused substantial damage to IUN-PKF and Osean forces stationed across the continent. In response, the IUN aim to carry out a two-front offensive which includes securing air superiority over the Chopinburg Rainforest and a second attack on Farbanti.[1]


On May 30, 2019, Kestrel II launched another attack on Farbanti. During the assault, Osean aircraft mistakenly bombed civilian territory, turning public opinion in neutral countries against Osea. Later on, Kestrel II was sunk and the battle ultimately ended with Erusean forces once again successfully defending their capital city.[2]


With the failure of their two-front offensive, the IUN changed their plans to instead directly approach the space elevator in order to rescue the former Osean president, Vincent Harling, postponing its recapture for now.[3]