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"A firebird insignia? I've heard of this one!"
Usean Rebel Forces pilot

The Second battle of Anchorhead was a conflict that took place over Anchorhead.[1]


After Operation Anchorhead Freedom, Anchorhead became a vital supply harbor for the Usean Allied Forces. On May 22, the Usean Rebel Forces attempted to weaken the Allied Forces by sending bombers to neutralize Anchorhead as a harbor; however, many civilians still lived in Anchorhead, which would put them at risk from a bombing raid.[1]


At 1300 hrs, Scarface Squadron was sent to neutralize the enemy bombers and their escorts. The escorts did not delay the squadron for long, and the raid was quickly neutralized with little damage done to the city. [1]


The rebels' plans to neutralize Anchorhead's port ended in failure; as a result, Anchorhead would be safe from rebel attacks for the rest of the war. In addition, thanks to a prior evacuation, no civilian casualties were reported. [1]


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