Selatapura[a][2] is a sovereign coastal city-state[3] located on the Gunther Peninsula in southwestern Usea.[4] The city is physically connected to the International Space Elevator by a bridge.[5]

Selatapura was formerly part of the Erusean Republic.[3] After gaining its independence, people and corporations from across the world came to Selatapura due to foreign investment, making it a place of geopolitical importance.[6]


Early history (1999—2019)[]

In July 1999, a Ulysses 1994XF04 fragment struck 20 kilometers off the coast of Selatapura. The resulting tsunami caused by the impact destroyed the city's coastal areas and claimed over 30,000 lives.[7]

Selatapura experienced hardships during the Continental War.[4] The city was captured by ISAF sometime between July 10 and August 15, 2005, following the liberation of San Salvacion.[8] Following the war, the Federal Republic of Erusea continued to cede territories to other nations, including Gunther and the city of Selatapura. While Gunther and other such regions became governed by the IUN as trust territories,[9] the region of Selatapura gained its independence as a sovereign nation.[3]

In the 2010s, Selatapura received a massive capital inflow from a multinational conglomerate, resulting in the city experiencing a GDP growth of over 500% over a ten-year period,[7] leading to greater economic expansion.[4]

In 2011, the Harling administration decided to construct the International Space Elevator at Selatapura, which the Kingdom of Erusea protested. In 2012, the Osean Federation presented a construction roadmap for the space elevator.[6] The space elevator's construction further spurred on the city's economic success.[10]

By 2019, the airline corporations Air Erusea, Osea Airlines and Emmeria Airways began offering flights from their respective nations to Selatapura.[5]

Lighthouse War (2019)[]

Cruiser in Selatapura

An IUN Aegis vessel guarding the International Space Elevator

The city-state was the site of a few major battles during the Lighthouse War. In May 2019, Erusean forces seized the space elevator and engaged the IUN military forces stationed there, sinking a large number of warships, before proceeding to occupy Selatapura. They were also able to commandeer the two Arsenal Birds, Liberty and Justice, that were guarding the area.[11]

Another battle took place on June 6, when IUN forces attempted to rescue former president Vincent Harling from within the space elevator. Although he was able to escape the area in a MV-22 piloted by Colonel Johnson, he was killed when a missile struck the aircraft, which was later revealed to be the doing of Erusean Radicals.[5][12]

On October 31, a large-scale aerial battle occured between a recently-formed Osean-Erusean coalition and the Erusean radicals. The last Arsenal Bird, Justice, was deployed in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the coalition, but it was ultimately shot down by Trigger. As the battle seemed to die down, two unknown aircraft suddenly appeared from nowhere, taking down a large number of human pilots. This forced them to retreat from the city to the OFS Admiral Andersen.[13]

The following day, the coalition forces returned to the city to engage two ADF-11F Ravens, codenamed "Hugin" and "Munin". After a prolonged dogfight and chase into the undersea tunnel and interior of the space elevator, Trigger took down the final unmanned aircraft.[14]

Postwar (2019—)[]

Following the war, an expansive refugee camp was established at the base of the space elevator. The bridge connecting Selatapura to Earth Port island was packed with vehicles carrying displaced people from all across Usea.[15] Yuktobania and other nations would also airdrop relief supplies.[16]


Plan view of Selatapura region

Selatapura is a highly developed port city, with a large port area and developing residential and business center; other features include a large stadium, a Ferris wheel uniquely design convention center. The International Space Elevator is built on Earth Port island near the city, with a long bridge linking the two together; the city also hosts the space elevator's support facility. Selatapura is a vital link in maritime transport; it has extensive container yards along its coastline and a continuous stream of ship traffic.[7]

Its proximity to the equator results in the region of Selatapura is featuring a tropical climite and a high level of atmospheric humididy, resulting in rather unpredictable weather; downpours are quite common.[7]



It is unknown what form of government governs the nation, however, as a city-state, Selatapura is the center of all political, economic, and cultural aspects within its territory.


It is unknown whether Selatapura supported its own armed forces. Although, there is a near constant large presence of IUN peacekeeping forces around the city, including an airfield and naval forces, due to its proximity to the International Space Elevator.[1]


Despite facing hardships during the Continental War, Selatapura is a wealthy nation, evident in its modern skyline and highly-developed infrastructure. The city also features a large airport with visiting airlines from Erusea, Osea and Emmeria indicating that tourism is quite prominent.[5][13][14]

Selatapura is a vital link in maritime transport; it has extensive container yards along its coastline and a continuous stream of ship traffic. Its economy was further boosted in the 2010s by the construction of the International Space Elevator and investment by a multinational corporation, the latter of which led Selatapura's GDP to grow by 500% over a ten-year period.[7]



Selatapura Satellite Map Early In Development

Selatapura's shape early in development

  • "Selatapura" is a hybrid name derived from two languages: selatan from Malay, and pura from Sanskrit, which mean "south" and "city" respectively.
  • Selatapura is highly reminiscent of and likely based on Singapore. It features curved buildings very similar to the Marina Bay Sands, a district similar to that of the Central Area, an international airport identical to Changi Airport, and a stadium that looks exactly like the National Stadium.
    • Early in development, the shape of Selatapura's territory was almost identical to that of Mainland Singapore. A major difference still in the final game, however, is while Singapore is an island, Selatapura is physically connected to the Gunther Peninsula.
    • In Malay, Singapore is referred to as Singapura, which shares the same -pura suffix as Selatapura, further adding to the two cities' similarities.
  • According to the latest maps of Strangereal's Earth, Selatapura—and the entirety of the Gunther Peninsula—is in contested territory claimed by Erusea.[17][18]
  • The opening in the stadium's roof is wide enough to allow aircraft inside; planes capable of performing PSM are capable of reversing course inside the stadium and flying back out through the roof.


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