Selatapura[a][1] is a former Erusean[2] coastal city situated on the Gunther Peninsula in southwestern Usea.[3] The city is physically connected to the International Space Elevator by a bridge.


Plan view of Selatapura region

Selatapura is a highly developed port city, with a large port area and developing residential and business center. The International Space Elevator is built on an island near the city, with a long bridge linking the two together. Selatapura also features a large military presence, including an airfield and naval forces, likely as support for the space elevator. Selatapura is a vital link in maritime transport; it has extensive container yards along its coastline and a continuous stream of ship traffic.[2]


Early history

In July 1999, a Ulysses 1994XF04 fragment struck 20 kilometers off the coast of Selatapura. The resulting tsunami caused by the impact destroyed the city's coastal areas and claimed over 30,000 lives.[2]

Selatapura experienced hardships during the Continental War.[3] The city was liberated by ISAF sometime between July 10 and August 15, 2005, following the liberation of San Salvacion.[4] Following the war, the Federal Republic of Erusea continued to lose territory to other nations; the Gunther region soon after gained its independence under an IUN government.[5]

In the 2010s, Selatapura received a massive capital inflow from a multinational conglomerate, resulting in the city experiencing a GDP growth of over 500% over a ten-year period,[2] leading to greater economic expansion.[3] The space elevator's construction further spurred on the city's economic success.[6]

Lighthouse War

The city was the site of a few major battles during the Lighthouse War. Erusean forces seized the space elevator and engaged the international military forces stationed there, sinking a large number of warships. They were also able to commandeer the two Arsenal Birds, Liberty and Justice, that were guarding the area.[7]

Another battle took place when IUN forces attempted to rescue former president Vincent Harling from within the space elevator. Although he was able to escape the area in a MV-22 piloted by Colonel Johnson, he was killed when a missile struck the aircraft, which was later revealed to be the doing of Erusean Radicals.[8][9]

Selatapura would later experience a large-scale aerial battle between a recently-formed coalition of Osean and Erusean forces against the Erusean radicals. The last Arsenal Bird, Justice, was deployed in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the coalition, but it was ultimately shot down by the Osean Pilot named Trigger. As the battle seemed to die down, two unknown aircraft suddenly appeared from nowhere, taking down a large number of human pilots. This forced them to retreat from the city.[10]

The final battle at Selatapura, and ultimately the last of the war, took place when the coalition forces were sent to take down the two drones, codenamed Hugin and Munin, before they could send a depth of war data as a result of Mihaly A. Shilage's flight performance via the space elevator to other drones being assembled in factories around Usea - resulting in an exponential growth of combat capability - ultimately perpetuating the war. After a grueling fight and an unbelievable chase within the entrance and interior of the space elevator, Trigger took down the unmanned aircraft.[11]




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