All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"This is Otus 1. Navarro is escaping towards Sentry Island."
Otus 1

Sentry Island is an island located in the Leasath-controlled Danern Islands. The island was home to Archelon Fortress, an extensive military installation and aircraft factory, until its destruction during the Battle of Archelon Fortress, the final battle of the Aurelian War.


Sentry Island is a relatively small and rugged island located in the south-east extremity of the Danern Islands. By far the most significant aspect of Sentry Island's otherwise unremarkable appearance is the enormous Archelon Fortress, a Leasathian military installation and aircraft factory, built on and into the island.


Little is known about the history of Sentry Island prior to the Aurelian War, although the construction of Archelon Fortress had likely commenced several years beforehand.

In December 2020 Diego Gaspar Navarro, who fled Aurelia in the wake of Leasath's defeat at the Battle of Griswall, briefly stopped at Sentry Island before returning to Leasath's capital, Alendal.

Later that month, Sentry Island would play host to the final battle of the war, which saw both Fenrir and Archelon Fortress destroyed.