"Next chance I get, I'm cutting out your damn windpipe!"
― Sergei Brynner

Sergei Brynner was the leader of the Usean Rebel Forces's Beast Squadron during the Usean coup d'état. He confronted Scarface Squadron at least once, but was shot down.[1] If the player goes through Operation Alphaville, they will encounter Brynner a second time and shoot him down again.[2]

Gratobie is officially stated to be Brynner's home country. However, there are suspicions that he is actually Belkan.[3] During combat, he alludes to this by claiming to have met aces at "Roundtable".[2]


Belkan War

Brynner's actions during the Belkan War are unknown. He claims to have experience at Area B7R during the war[2][3], but this is not confirmed by official sources.

Usean coup d'état

During the Usean coup d'état, Sergei and his unit defected to the Usean Rebel Forces. On April 29, 1998, the squadron engaged the Scarface Squadron over the Payton Channel. During the engagement, all pilots were shot down, including Sergei himself.[1]

On August 30, his squadron engaged Scarface Squadron for the second time over Comona Islands. Sergei was shot down once again but survived.[2]

Following his failure to eliminate Phoenix, Brynner was considered "neutralized" and the rebels forbid him from sortieing again. He protested this and demanded for a chance to fly again.[4]

Personality and Traits

While vicious in his tactics, Brynner was a realist who would use anything to his advantage, even electronic warfare.[3]



  • Brynner mentions that he was "looking forward to the next chance to fight a demon like [Phoenix]". This implies that he fought Cipher at some point in the Belkan War.[2]