"This is Shepherd. It seems Three Strikes is showing a stellar performance. Osea has much need of him."
― Shepherd, commeting on Trigger[1]

Lieutenant General Shepherd was a high-ranking officer in the Osean Defense Forces during the Lighthouse War.[1] He first appeared in the second DLC mission for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, "Anchorhead Raid".


Sometime in late 2019, Shepherd and other high-ranking officers in the Osean Defense Forces were approached by Brigadier General Howard Clemens, who proposed an operation which did not rely on the Osean Air Defense Force's ace pilots.[1]

On September 10, Shepherd and other Osean high-ranking officers evaluated Trigger's performance during Operation Domino. Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that Trigger was an indispensable asset to Osea, and Shepherd later informed Clemens of their decision.[1]

After suspicions arose regarding Clemens' potential affiliation with Mimic Squadron, Shepherd was questioned by Vice Chairman Edwards of the Osean Joint Chiefs of Staff about Operation Domino. Shepherd replied by stating that all aspects of the mission were handled by Clemens, leading to the Brigadier General's arrest.[1]



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