Shilage Castle is a castle located in eastern Erusea, within the state of Shilage.


Following the destruction of Usea's satellite network, the nation of Shilage declared its independence. Its officers resided in the area around Shilage Castle, which housed both civilians and refugees. The castle was converted into a stockpiling base, and the freeway was converted into a runway for fighter aircraft.[1]

On October 24, 2019, the LRSSG deployed the Strider Squadron to secure the area in order to gather supplies. Sol Squadron, who had taken off from the tunnel leading into the freeway, engaged the squadron. Following a lengthy dogfight, Mihaly entered the airspace in his X-02S Strike Wyvern, allowing the remaining Sol pilots to retreat. Trigger engaged Mihaly, while the rest of Strider Squadron formed a perimeter around the two pilots. Mihaly was ultimately shot down, and Strider Squadron rendezvoused with Cyclops Squadron alongside a transport to carry the supplies.[1]



  • Shilage Castle is based on Castle Szigliget, with the landscape surrounding it resembling the Szigliget village.
    • It also appears to be based on Spiš Castle, with the overall castle shape and the main citadel heavily resembling it.


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