This article describes the superweapon used by the Gleipnir. For the player-equipped special weapon, see Long Range Shock Wave Missile.

The Shock Wave Ballistic Missile (衝撃波弾道ミサイル Shōgekiha dandō misairu, acronym SWBM) is a type of long-range missile designed by Leasath. It was utilized during the Aurelian War as the main weapon of the airborne fortress Gleipnir.


The Shock Wave Ballistic Missile uses a large quantity of explosive fuel, which is dispersed by the missile upon reaching a target. The fuel then ignites, causing a massive energy explosion, using a principle much like the Gleipnir's other main weapon, the Shock Cannon. The shockwave spreads in a horizontal motion, destroying almost anything flying at an altitude equal to or higher than the blast point. However, as a result of air pressure differences, the shock wave has a much less severe effect at lower altitudes, allowing an aircraft to survive the blast.[1]


The Shock Wave Ballistic Missile was manufactured by Leasath prior to the Aurelian War. It was designed to be deployed by Leasath's airborne fortress, the Gleipnir, and its prototype, the Gandr. A smaller version of the missile was later designed to be utilized by the experimental super-fighter Fenrir, but never saw deployment.

Aurelian War[]

The Shock Wave Ballistic Missile served as the Gleipnir's main weapon throughout the course of the war. During the opening stages of the war, the Gandr used it to destroy an entire Aurelian fleet and then utilized it in a battle with Falco Squadron, but the prototype aerial warship was shot down by the Aurelian ace Falco One.

The first known deployment of the SWBM by the Gleipnir during the war came during the Gleipnir's attack on Gryphus Squadron at Cape Aubrey. Following the destruction of a Leasath bomber squadron sent to destroy the air base, the Gleipnir fired a missile at the Aurelian fighters that shot them down, destroying nearly the entire squadron in a single strike. Later, the SWBM was utilized to attack Gryphus Squadron at Stand Canyon, to prevent them from providing air support to the stranded Davis Unit.

The SWBM's final known use in the war came during the battle of Santa Elva, where the Gleipnir used them to attempt to ward off Gryphus Squadron during an Aurelian operation to capture the key city. However, Gryphus 1 destroyed all of the Gleipnir's SWBM launching ports, and later destroyed the airborne fortress. The Gleipnir crashed into the Lenal River, ending the threat of the SWBM for good.



  • Ace Combat: Joint Assault features a thermobaric weapon called the Hi-TASM, which is very similar to the SWBM in principle. It also sees deployment primarily on an improved version of the aerial warship Spiridus, much like the SWBM is the signature weapon of the Gleipnir.