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The Shock Wave Ballistic Missile (衝撃波弾道ミサイル Shōgekiha dandō misairu, acronym SWBM) is a type of long-range missile designed by the Democratic Republic of Leasath.


The Shock Wave Ballistic Missile is a special ballistic missile manufactured by Leasath during the Leasath-Aurelia War period. It was originally designed to be deployed by Leasath's airborne fortress, the Gleipnir and its prototype, the Gandr. The Shock Wave Ballistic Missile served as the Gleipnir's main weapon throughout the course of the war, being launched in nearly every mission involving the airborne fortress.


The Shock Wave Ballistic Missile is a type of modified ballistic missile, hence its name, which carries a small, disposable cyclotron accelerator, akin to the one used by the Gleipnir's other main weapon, the Shock Cannon. The SWBM carries a type of meson "fuel", which is dispersed by the missile upon reaching a target. When the missile impact occurs, the fuel ignites, causing a massive energy explosion. The shockwave spreads in a horizontal motion, destroying any aircraft flying at high altitudes. However, as a result of air pressure differences, the blast wave will not have any effect at low altitudes.[1]



  • Ace Combat: Joint Assault features a weapon called the Hi-TASM, which is virtually identical to the SWBM.. However, the former takes an slightly more realistic approach by using a thermobaric warhead, as opposed to the cyclotron technology used by the Gleipnir.


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