Siege Battle 1

A siege battle match in Download Map #1

Siege Battle is a multiplayer gametype in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. This game mode features 8-versus-8 engagements where players must either defend of destroy strategic targets across the map.


Siege battle divides players into two groups of eight: Attacking and Defending. The former's task is to destroy air, ground and/or seaborne objectives while the latter tries to protect said targets.


Two maps are available, one of which is download-only.


The first map is set in Gracemeria. The stage is divided into three operations, in which the attackers must destroy vital targets across the city: a sea fleet by the King's Bridge, Gracemeria Air Force Base and the castle near the airfield. Once all operations are complete, the fourth and final operation will be unlocked, where aggressors must lay siege to the Gracemeria capitol building.

Download #1 - Sipli Field[]

The second, downloadable map takes place in Sipli Field. In this map, Alpha Team escorts a C-17A Globemaster III squadron as they make their way through the area.