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"Siege on Silvat"[b] is the sixth campaign mission in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The player must rescue multiple Emmerian troops that are surrounded by the Estovakian military in Silvat Town.


We've got a large unit of troops on Rawllins Plain around the outskirts of Silvat Town. Those troops are isolated with no means of retreat, surrounded by enemies, and on the verge of total annihilation. With our substation as a focal point, the enemy is positioned a full 360 degrees around the troops, with intense attacks pounding away at our line of defense. If we could somehow manage to join up with our besieged forces there, we could considerably strengthen their position. This is where you come in. We need you to free up our surrounded unit, and eliminate all Estovakian forces throughout the Rawllins Plain. Every minute counts in this operation. So get out there and get things done.



The player will have six operations to participate in, and they must complete three operations in order to advance the mission.

(A) Isolated Unit Support
Grizzly are cut off from allied forces and pinned down nearby Silvat Town. The player must rescue Grizzly and destroy all enemy TGTs.
(B) Tank Battalion Assault
Barracuda is engaging a large Estovakian tank battalion and is on the brink of defeat. The player must rescue Barracuda and destroy all enemy TGTs.
(C) Long Range Artillery Unit Assault
Dragon Busters are pinned down by long-range artillery fire. The player must rescue Dragon Busters by destroying all enemy TGTs.
(D) Airfield Defense
Stingray Squadron will be defending Seborna Airport from Estovakian attacks. The runway can be used for resupplies so long as you maintain control over it. The player must aid Stingray and destroy all enemy TGTs.
(E) Armored Train Assault
Gavial are pinned down to the far east of Silvat Town by Armored Train attacks. The player must defend Gavial and destroy all enemy TGTs.
(F) Substation Defense
Sherpa will be in the vicinity of vital substations, attempting to defend them from the Estovakian assault. The player must defend assist Sherpa in defending the substations by destroying all enemy TGTs.

Mission Update

Estovakian military forces will begin to retreat from the combat zone. The player and their allies must give chase and destroy all remaining TGTs before they can escape.

Enemy Lists

Standard Units

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Special Units

Unit Points Minimum
Icon-AirEnemy.svg Rafale M "VEGA" 2000 Expert [note 1]

S Rank

Earning an S rank on this mission requires earning an average rank of S on the individual operations and the Mission Update. The S rank requirements for each stage are as follows:[1]

  • Operation A: 6,500+ points
  • Operation B: 2,500+ points
  • Operation C: 5,600+ points
  • Operation D: 8,300+ points
  • Operation E: 5,000+ points
  • Operation F: 7,000+ points
  • Mission Update: 18,000+ points


Our besieged unit is now free, and enemy forces have been annihilated. Mission accomplished. Now that our unit has been freed, we are able to join up with them for a considerable gain in our land and air forces. This boost in power enables us to continue advancing east, to recapture our nation and tighten the noose around Estovakia's military. We now have an open path to Gracemeria. All pilots, best of luck.



  1. Wings Shown above the Sky of the Besieged (篭城の空に示す翼)
  2. Siege on Silvat (シルワート攻防戦)
  1. VEGA will appear over Seborna Airport alongside Strigon Team.