"Fly like you're one with the plane!"
― Sigurd 3 to Sigurd 4[1]

Sigurd Squadron was an Erusean Air Force squadron which saw deployment during the Lighthouse War. The squadron flew Su-57s while defending the Alicorn.


On September 4, 2019, Sigurd Squadron was tasked preventing the capture of the Alicorn from a detachment of Osean Navy vessels and Osean Air Force squadrons. During the engagement, the squadron's youngest member was shot down and killed by Trigger. Shortly afterward, Sigurd 1's aircraft was severely damaged. Despite this, he refused to eject in order to create an opening for his wingmen to shoot down Trigger.[1]



  • The squadron's name might be a reference to Sigurd (also known as Siegfried), who is a legendary hero in Germanic mythology.


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