Template:CR-003The 126th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Silber" was an squadron of the Belkan Air Force. Known for a history of military victories and successes, Silber was one of the oldest known squadrons of the BAF.


Early history

Originally named the "105th Tactical Fighter Squadron", the current Silber Squadron was born when Dietrich Kellerman was assigned to the team around 1973. The "first season Silber Team" (as Kellerman's original formation was retroactively called) fought in the Rectan War in the same decade, defeating the Rectan Air Force in an engagement over the Mainz Mountains and allowing the Belkan Army to capture the Rectan capital of Cor.

In 1985, the unit became involved in the "The Wellow Incident", destroying several unknown aircraft that flew over Crescene Island in North Belka. Five years later, in 1990, Dietrich retired from the Belkan Air Force, leaving the Silber team (the "second season Silber team") to continue without him.

Belkan War

When the Belkan War broke out in 1995, Kellerman was called back to the frontlines to bolster troop morale. He returned to active duty with several pilots from the 9th Special Education Course, the "Kellerman Institution", giving birth to the third iteration of the Silber Squadron.

In their last combat action, the reformed Silber Squadron was sent as reinforcements during the Second Battle of B7R in May 28. The unit was engaged by the 66th Air Force Unit "Galm", and was completely destroyed. Kellerman survived. Dubbed the "squadron of tragedy", the battle saw the death of most of the team's pilots, causing Kellerman to permanently retire from aviation.


  • In the reveal trailer of Ace Combat Zero in the 2005 Tokyo Game Show, the Silber flight was originally composed purely of Phantoms. Kellerman's aircraft retained the striped livery, while those of his wingmen were painted in a dual tone gray, similar to the F-4X.
  • Also, when the Silber Team enters the battle, a Belkan pilot exclaims, "Phantom Jets? It's the Silver Eagle!" when in the final game, there is only one Phantom in the team. This means that the Phantoms of Silber 2 to 5 were replaced with F-16Cs at the last minute, and the developers forgot to replace or remove this line.
  • In Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, when the kill rate of the F-16C reaches 100%, a paint job very similar to  that of the Silber team is unlocked, albeit keeping the Aurelian Air Force roundels.
  • In Ace Combat 6, the Tornado GR.4's SP color is very similar to that of the Silber Squadron.


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