Rena Hirose in her space suit, designed to protect her from sunlight

Silverstone disease (シルバーストーン病 Shirubāsutōn-byō), officially known as Congenital E-Irradiation Syndrome (先天性E照射症候群 Senten-sei E shōsha shōkōgun), is a rare skin disease in Strangereal. The disease prevents a human's skin from protecting the body from E-rays present in sunlight, which can lead to death by radiation. It was named after Dr. Antonio Silverstone, who discovered the disease.[1]

The only known sufferer of Silverstone disease was the ace pilot Rena Hirose, who wore a specialized space suit to protect her body from the Sun's E-rays.


  • Silverstone disease is similar in nature to Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), an actual skin disease that prevents the skin from repairing damage caused by UV rays.
  • In real life, E-rays are actually extraordinary rays, which are one result of birefringence, a property that results in double refraction when an object is viewed through a birefringent material (for example, a pencil in water appearing as though the pencil is broken). Whether an affected ray of light is ordinary (o-ray) or extraordinary (e-ray) simply depends on the light's path, and e-rays bear no harm to the viewer.


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